Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Opo’s Story

We are really PROUD of Paolo in Year 5!
He has come a long way with his writing and his schooling. Paolo has been working really hard on this story and now we see why! What an amazing and emotional piece of writing. Congratulations on all of your wonderful hard work!
I have been told by his mother that Paolo is currently writing a book at home and is on chapter 13!!!
I think we have an author in the making here :-)
Opo’s Story
In the beautiful oceans there was a female dolphin that gave birth to a beautiful little dolphin named Opo. Opo loves to play, hide and hunt for stuff in the ocean, until one day when Opo was swimming with her mother - a big boat was above them, a net came and Opo’s mother pushed her out of her way, so Opo wouldn’t get caught by the net. The net caught her like a prison, then a harpoon came and shot her in the back.

Opo was crying; so she swam far away. The water was turning red, all of Opo’s joyful memories became a sad terrifying nightmare.

She was swimming for two days and two nights, until Opo reached an island.

It was a peaceful morning, the sun was rising so bright, the wind was quiet, the water was quiet as well (just a little bit). Opo was afraid because she had the feeling that the boat was following her and that it would chop her into meat for sale, (don’t worry the boat wasn’t following her).

Opo went to the island and not thinking about the boat that killed her mother. In the island there was a harbour - at the harbour there was a beach, and at the beach there were kids playing and mums were watching them play. It reminded Opo of her and her mother playing, Opo was depressed and jealous at the same time.

Opo looked to her right, nobody was there except there was one 9-year-old girl, she had loooong blonde hair, she had yellow eyes, she was wearing a pale white dress, white as paper and one more thing; she was wearing a dolphin necklace. She looked at Opo like she wants to eat her but she wouldn’t do that to a beautiful dolphin. Then she said to Opo “Hi my name is Kelly, don’t worry I’m not chopping you into thousands of pieces of meat for dinner, I am just trying to feed you some food”, she throws the food and Opo jumps out the water and catches the food in mid-air.

Kelly was surprised, “wow that’s sooooo cool, I wanna be friends with you!”

A dolphin friends with a female child. Sounds like making friendship.

Kelly let’s go or you’ll be left behind, hurry up!” her dad called for her to come back. Her house is 600 meters away from the beach.

“Goodbye Opo, we will be friends forever and forever. Bye!” She ran up the stairs and walked home with her father.

Opo was really happy that she made a new friend. Kelly came back the next day to play with Opo the dolphin, every day Kelly and Opo meet with each other. They play, eat and talk to each other at the same place.

10 years went by quite quickly. Kelly and Opo grew up. They both are in a dolphin seaworld where there's dolphins jumping, going through hoops and stuff.

In Opo´s head; his mother is cheering for Opo and telling her to do her best and always saying to think before she does her performance in front of many people.

Opo will never forget her mother, Opo still think of her mother, that died when she was a baby. Everytime she thinks of her mother; Opo will always love her mother.

The End

By Paolo Mordeno

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